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We are Klonk-Games from Munich. We’re busy working on our own game Mercury Shift 3D, a couch co-op platformer for two people.


Find out who we are on our profile and watch our progress with Mercury Shift on our devblog. Should you like to cyberstalk, this is us on twitter.com/klonkgames and on facebook.com/Klonkgames.

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Bismo & Plom make the Difference

Well, hello there! It’s been a while.

On my first post I gave a short insight on the Character Design for our two little friends, Bismo and Plom. A few months have passed since then and the world of Mercury Shift has grown along with its characters.

Feel free to check out the video, which shows all types of different animations that have been developed up until now.  Of course there’s still more to come in the future and a few more things I’d like to show you in this article.
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Recent gameplay video from Mercury Shift 3D

So here is a more recent gameplay preview for Mercury Shift:

We have been working on a lot of things recently and more content is about to come in this very blog. As we are in the process of finishing a build for external review, the times are slightly stressful.

But then again, we are seeing some progress and are happy to share more with you.


Mum! Dad! I am on the Internet TV!

The team of Mediennetzwerk Bayern did a small interview with Robin on our project for the Deutsche Museum in Munich.

In the short piece Robin talks about the making of the app for the museum. Full business attire included. Very glory. Such App.

Thanks to Aline, Birgit and Christina. It was great fun. I now know what you mean by “Could you maybe move less?”


Dev Diary #9: One week off :)

Good morning boys and girls! We have to take some time off the Mercury Shift 3D and finish a different project.

So this week we still had some great stuff going on. The gamedesigners finished their work on the canyon levels, which means they are ready for art integration.

Part of the improvements added to the game lately is a new camera-orientation system. Although Mic has finished his work on that, Oli integrated it now in every level. It allows smoother controls over the camera. To implement the system, Oli, Beff and Matt worked out a set of rules for the camera. Visibility of points of interest, player movement and such things are considered in these rules.

Camera movement is one of those things that will not necessarily be noticed by every player. The only exception here being a bad camera movement system, which will throw you off the game-flow. Maybe you will spot the difference in this video. We have parallel-played a level with the new and with the old system. Although barely noticeable if you do not focus on it, it makes a difference in play.

The players are now able to see, where they are jumping and certain areas of interest can be shown to the player.

Relentless Mic has been collaborating with Simon to work with the death-areas. I am pretty excited about that collaboration, as Mic being a great coder and Simon a shader wizard. This time the two worked on the display of death-areas. They are a pretty important part of the game, as players will be confronted with them quite a lot. They come in a lot of different sizes, which makes it complicated to find an applicable visual interpretation that can be re-sized to all of your needs. You would have to create a lot of different assets for every application of the death-area.

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